Overcoming my fears

So at the weekend I managed to overcome one of my biggest fears, theme park rides. For aslong as I can remember I have never enjoyed theme park rides. Whenever I used to go on school trips to Alton Towers I would worry about it for the days leading up to it. It was the… Continue reading Overcoming my fears

Talking openly about mental health

I will jump straight to the point. Why is there so much awkwardness around mental health? What makes things so difficult for us to talk about our mental health openly? We talk freely about our physical health. What is so different? I hid my own mental health challenges for years. I did this because I… Continue reading Talking openly about mental health

Anxiety…and all the crap that goes with it!

Every single one of us will experience anxiety in our lifetime. Some a lot more than others. It’s something that’s becoming a lot more recognised now, especially given the impacts of COVID. I’ve had anxiety for a number of years. It will normally start to affect me when I think about something I have to… Continue reading Anxiety…and all the crap that goes with it!

Recognising when things aren’t right -Depression

I’ve suffered from OCD, anxiety and bouts of depression for years. I knew I had OCD at an early stage. I had heard about the symptoms briefly and I went to my doctor. I’ve talked about OCD in my last couple of blogs so this time I will talk more on depression. Depression. It’s a… Continue reading Recognising when things aren’t right -Depression

Being positive (or trying to be!)

Being positive can give you hope. It can make you happy and it can make you achieve things you never thought you could. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds is it? Well that’s what I’ve found out anyway. For years I’ve gone through these waves of negativity. It’s so difficult to pull… Continue reading Being positive (or trying to be!)